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Arabic language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia article, with links to other articles on Modern Standard and Classical Arabic , as well as other varieties of the language .

The Arabic language An introduction to the Arabic language , how to study it and common English words which find their roots in Arabic .

Arabic Language A collection of useful resources such as words, phrases, some grammar and expressions in Arabic .

Babel : arabic

Arabic alphabet, pronunciation and language Details of written and spoken Arabic , including the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation.

Fun With Arabic -Learn arabic language online, the arabic alphabet ...

Arabic Language Institute at the American University in Cairo

Study abroad in Morocco at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez

IPL Kidspace: Say Hello to the World

Arabic Language , Literature, and Linguistics

Arabic courses in the Middle East

Egyptian Arabic Language Learning Online

Center for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies (CALES) Yemeni Arabic language school.

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